The cover of 'Housecarl' shows a scene in the style of the Bayeux tapestry. 
Saxon housecarls line up in chain-mail armour with helmets, shields, axes and spears, while the red dragon of Wessex, Harol's personal banner of is held aloft. A single archer is shown, much smaller than the rest, wearing a white tunic.

Housecarl by :Laurence J Brown

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Castle Rock Entertainment

Barry Spikings, Castle Rock Entertainment
(Producer of The Deer Hunter)

…a great read… there should be a film in it

Sussex Express

Experience Sussex

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…extraordinary first novel… chilling descriptions of slaughter and carnage put the reader right at the heart of the savage conflict.

Eastbourne Herald

Carol Davies of The Eastbourne & District Advertiser

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…accounts of the… battles in 1066… conjure up the atmosphere of the occasion and the brutality of the invading forces.

Lincolnshire Style Magazine

Lincolnshire Style Magazine

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…the story is retold in graphic and sometimes gory detail… you can almost feel their passion and their pain.

Lincolnshire Echo

Trevor Reynolds of The Boston Target

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A five-star read…

David Ward of The Lincolnshire Gazette

… fast paced, exciting and very absorbing… For people who like historical novels it is a must…

Frothers Unite! UK

A forum contributor at Frothers Unite! UK

I'd recommend "Housecarl" by Laurence J Brown it's fiction but anyone interested in gaming Dark Age warfare will enjoy it.


Rob Hardy, Tadcaster, England

My wife loved the book as much as I did (and she hates war and wargames). We were with poor Harold all the way. He passed our front door on the York road in Tadcaster so the book brought it all to life for us! We'll search out the new book and read it.


[Housecarl] gives a great account of the 1066 battle... If anyone is planning a trip to Battle, or is just interested in that period, then I highly recommend reading this book.

An Amazon customer from Texas, USA

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A good way to learn about a fascinating time in English history...

An Amazon customer from the United Kingdom

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A thoroughly researched exciting unputdownable first novel... His research has been exceptional... Actual events are skilfully woven into the story... This is a real page turner. Highly recommended. I look forward to reading the sequel "Cold Heart Cruel Hand" to discover the fate of the survivors...

An Amazon customer from Texas, USA

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Graphic and colorful, suspenseful and atmospheric, "Housecarl" not only gives us a very readable accounting of 1066 but of the individuals involved, real or otherwise. It is a book not easily forgotten. And a good read!

An Amazon customer from New York, USA

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The final battle at Hastings alone is worth the price of this book. It is vivid and bloody and tears your heart out... a well-told tale.

An Amazon customer from Minnesota, USA

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A must read for fans of Harold II. Laurence Brown has given you characters... that help you to grasp the battle from the perspective of the fighting man.

A reader from Lancashire, England

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Read this book you'll love it!

An Amazon customer from Lincolnshire, England

Read Full Review excellent job of combining fact with fiction... I hope L.J. Brown will be doing more books.

An Amazon customer from England

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Very gripping… I look forward to reading a further novel by this author


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