The cover of 'Cold Heart, Cruel Hand' shows an artist's impression of Hereward the Wake.

Cold Heart, Cruel Hand by Laurence J Brown

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Cold heart and cruel hand
Now rule across the land
Anglo Saxon Chronicles

Spring 1070: William the Conqueror has been King of England for three years, but his reign has not been a peaceful one. Rebellion has followed bloody rebellion as the Saxon people have risen up against the tyranny of their Norman oppressors. With ruthless efficiency the Conqueror has crushed each one with shocking brutality. All seems lost, but in the fens of East Anglia, a charismatic Saxon, a nobleman dispossessed of his lands, lights the flame of rebellion one last time and calls upon the people to fight for their freedom. His name is Hereward the Wake, and soon he is joined in bloody conflict with the Conqueror as the two men fight for supremacy of the land.

Into this cauldron comes the last of Harold's housecarls, Ranulf Redbeard and his family, determined to join the Wake in his fight for freedom. Their journey to the fens has not been easy and now Ranulf encounters his most deadly foe: a sadistic knife fighter who will stop at nothing to achieve his soaring ambitions...

A sequel to Housecarl, Laurence J Brown's acclaimed account of the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, Cold Heart, Cruel Hand follows the adventures of Ranulf Redbeard as he fights alongside Hereward the Wake in a final bloody stand on the Isle of Ely.

Packed with intrigue, sex, romance, and drama.
Trevor Reynolds of The Lincolnshire Echo

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The cover of 'Cold Heart, Cruel Hand' shows an artist's impression of Hereward the Wake.

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